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 FAQs for Intended Parents

How do we start the process of our surrogacy journey?

Finding a surrogacy agency is the best way to begin your journey because they can help you find a donor (if needed), match you with your gestational carrier, and walk you through other important steps in the process.

How long does the process take from start to delivery?

The process length depends on a few variables. On average, the estimated time frame is between 12 and 18 months.

How many embryos can we transfer into our gestational carrier?

Doctors recommend a single-embryo transfer. However, a two-embryo transfer is possible with appropriate medical counseling and patient consent.

How does the matching process work?

Our Director of Surrogacy and Matching will facilitate the entire process. By the time you are ready to be matched with your carrier, she will have undergone a comprehensive screening. Our goal is to use our two-way matching process (medical, personality/social) to match you with a carrier.

How are gestational carriers screened?

All qualified candidates are screened medically, socially, and psychologically to ensure they meet the highest standards our agency sets forth.

Who pays for the agency fees, medical costs, medications, and the gestational carrier’s fees?

The intended parents are responsible for all costs during the journey. This includes agency fees, carrier fees, medical appointments, medical procedures, medications, and legal fees. There may be additional fees depending on your agreement with your carrier.

How are gestational carrier payments managed?

An escrow account is set up on behalf of both parties for financials to be managed and disbursed per your direct contract.

How do I apply for loans to pay for our surrogacy journey?

We partner with numerous loan companies that can assist you with funding your journey.  The loan process will vary depending on your financial status.

How do I know if my gestational carrier has insurance? Do I have an option to purchase an insurance policy?

A surrogacy insurance expert will verify if each gestational carrier has a policy in place that does not exclude surrogacy. We partner with an insurance company that can provide medical insurance for the carrier’s journey. We require that carriers have an individual policy in place.

What type of relationship should I expect with my gestational carrier?

The two-way matching process will help facilitate the relationship you seek with your carrier. 


Surrogacy is now legal in Michigan. Start your surrogacy journey.