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“My husband and I started our surrogacy journey shortly after our second daughter was born in 2020. We chose to create embryos with Dr. Shamma at IVF Michigan. He is such a gifted Reproductive Endocrinologist who treated us like family.We then began to work with the Gift Of Life Surrogacy Agency. They matched us very quickly with a wonderful, outstanding, and experienced surrogate that we still communicate with today. We have developed a friendship and bond with both her and her family. Zein and her team have been very supportive and trusting throughout the process.We appreciate Dr. Shamma and his whole team and The Gift of Life Surrogacy Agency for making this journey a smooth and memorable experience for our family.”

C&J, Intended Parents

“We would encourage anyone interested in considering surrogacy to talk with the Gift of Life Surrogacy Agency.  From the very beginning, we found Zein and her staff to be very knowledgeable and helpful with the whole process. They were easy to contact when we had questions and were helpful with all of the steps necessary from matching with our gestational carrier all the way through to the birth of our son.  They are a great agency and nice people.”
M&T, Intended Parents

“Zein and her team took time to get to know me and my family and found a wonderful surrogate who was a perfect match for us. She was there every step of the way, sharing her knowledge and experience, patiently guiding me and our surrogate through decisions, and answering my many questions. Now that we have been through the entire process and my healthy daughter has arrived, I am so happy I chose Gift of Life Surrogacy for my journey. I not only count our surrogate as a friend but Zein as well.”
J, Intended Parent

This is my second journey with Gift of Life Surrogacy! Becoming a surrogate was a no brainer for me. I love being pregnant, love meeting, and helping others. Every journey has been so rewarding to me. I enjoy seeing a family being created. I couldn’t ask to be able to do anything else.

L. H., Gestational Carrier

“My wife and I have had an excellent experience with Gift of Life Surrogacy Agency.  We do not think it is possible for someone to do a better job. Obviously, the ‘matchmaking’ process is key and was done very well.  Beyond those initial steps, more very hard work – facilitating relationships with doctors and hospitals; dealing with the inevitable headaches that come with virtual visits and multiple care providers; managing the relationships between all of the care teams, the intended parents and the surrogate. Our case manager was on top of all of this and could not have done it better.  It’s difficult to have little control and put so much trust into people you don’t know –  She took care of us, made us feel comfortable, and always addressed any concerns/issues that came up. We are very appreciative and highly recommend Gift of Life Surrogacy Agency!”

J & P, Intended Parents

I had an amazing first journey as a surrogate with Gift of Life Surrogacy Agency. I was given a general timeline of each step in the process and it was very accurate! It was a very smooth process and our case manager was always there to guide me and help in any way I needed from tips on how to make the IVF injections less painful to overcoming other obstacles. I was really nervous being a first-time carrier and GOL made me feel supported every step of the way, even after delivery. The team at GOL was very involved and I never felt alone in this journey. This was such a special journey for me and I’m glad I chose Gift of Life Surrogacy Agency.

A. A., Gestational Carrier

My experience with Gift of Life Surrogacy Agency has been easy going. Wonderful communication and I always felt like I was in good hands. From start to finish, and with ups and downs, that hand holding was very appreciated.

T. C., Gestational Carrier

The entire Gift of Life Surrogacy team is wonderful. Dr.  Shamma is extremely knowledgeable and made me feel so comfortable with this experience. I was in constant contact with our case manager throughout the entire process, my whole pregnancy, and still after. I delivered a healthy baby girl for two special people and it wouldn’t have been possible without the love and support (and a little science) of Gift of Life Surrogacy.

E. B., Gestational Carrier

Surrogacy is now legal in Michigan. Start your surrogacy journey.