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“My wife and I have had an excellent experience with Gift of Life Surrogacy Agency.  We do not think it is possible for someone to do a better job than Emily.  Obviously, the ‘matchmaking’ process is key and was done very well.  Beyond those initial steps, more very hard work – facilitating relationships with doctors and hospitals; dealing with the inevitable headaches that come with virtual visits and multiple care providers; managing the relationships between all of the care teams, the intended parents and the surrogate. Emily was on top of all of this and could not have done it better.  It’s difficult to have little control and put so much trust into people you don’t know – Emily took care of us, made us feel comfortable, and always addressed any concerns/issues that came up. We are very appreciative and highly recommend Gift of Life Surrogacy Agency!”

J & P, Intended Parents

I had an amazing first journey as a surrogate with Gift of Life Surrogacy Agency. I was given a general timeline of each step in the process and it was very accurate! It was a very smooth process and Emily was always there to guide me and help in any way I needed from tips on how to make the IVF injections less painful to overcoming other obstacles. I was really nervous being a first-time carrier and GOL made me feel supported every step of the way, even after delivery. The team at GOL was very involved and I never felt alone in this journey. This was such a special journey for me and I’m glad I chose Gift of Life Surrogacy Agency.


A. A., Gestational Carrier

“As my husband and I are contemplating using a gestational carrier, Emily was our first stop to learn as much as possible about this journey. Emily is a wealth of information, and she has been a carrier several times. She is warm, honest and upfront about the process. As you are considering this option for your family, I would highly recommend connecting with Emily and working with her to better understand the legal aspect, timing and cost associated with using a carrier.  After you speak with Emily, I guarantee that you will feel more at ease and well informed to make a major life decision.”

E. T.

“Emily has been a true gem, guiding me through the process of surrogacy.  Being a surrogate herself, she understands both the perspective of the intended parent and the surrogate, which is helpful. Emily alerted me to questions I should be asking, often bringing up points that I had not considered. Additionally, she comforted me during the early stages of my journey. I would highly recommend Emily for surrogacy guidance as she truly understands this process in and out.”

K. W.

“Emily was the calm to my frenzied storm. She was so patient, encouraging, and knowledgeable. I never felt I was asking too many questions or overstepping. She is an amazing resource and person.”

M. N.

“Emily walked me through the entire process of surrogacy, and I felt excited for the first time in three years of battling infertility.  We discussed the financial aspect of it, the communications a gestational carrier and the intended parents share along the journey, attorneys, etc. You name it, Emily knew about it. And all of this was just the tip of the iceberg because, ultimately, Emily found me my match, the most perfect surrogate, after speaking to over 50 candidates.  Emily has been a constant resource to me that is completely invaluable. This is a hard journey to go on, but it really helps having someone like Emily on your side!


“In a world of endless google searches, Facebook groups and conversations with my doctor, I was lucky enough to find Emily to help guide me through the surrogacy process. As an intended parent (IP), I wanted to speak with someone who was a carrier and understand her perspective on the process, but also on finding the right match in an IP. Emily shared her experiences and knowledge and offered words of encouragement at a time when life seemed as though it was spinning out of control. Entering the world of gestational carriers and surrogates can be an intimidating process, but Emily was a constant source of support and reference for me and my family. I would highly recommend Emily to anyone considering surrogacy, either as a carrier or IP.”


Gift of Life Surrogacy Agency is currently offering a $2,000 bonus to any individual who refers a gestational carrier to our program who meets our screening criteria and matches with intended parents.