Gift of Life

Surrogacy Agency


When it comes to agency pricing, we want to be fair and reasonable. We understand that a surrogacy journey is a substantial financial commitment, so with our pricing, you will not find any hidden fees or additional pricing tacked on. We charge one flat fee of $49,000 in our comprehensive care package. This rate is for all intended parents. We do not offer VIP packaging or different rates. You are all VIP to us.
The agency fee of $49,000 is broken down into 3 payments:
  • First payment due when you sign your agency agreement.
  • Second payment due when the legal phase commences.
  • Third payment due when your gestational carrier has her embryo transfer.
What’s included in the comprehensive care package?


Surrogate and partner* drug screens
Surrogate and partner FDA testing ** (Gift of life Surrogacy Agency clearance screening) 
Surrogate baseline ultrasound
 Travel arrangements for carrier and partner* (Gift of life Surrogacy Agency clearance screening) 
Surrogate insurance policy verification
Surrogate and partner* Background Check
Surrogate and partner* Preparedness & Assessment meeting
Intended parent background check
Intended parent preparedness & assessment meeting
Intended parents’ FDA testing for frozen embryo eligibility*** (Provided by IVF Ohio Fertility Centers) 
Surrogate attorney fees
Intended parents attorney fees for Gestational Surrogacy Agreement and Birthing Orders / Parenting Matters
Surrogate Accidental Death policy + Organ Loss rider (Surrogate name beneficiary and intended Parents)
Escrow management (Journey Disbursements) 
Compassionate support throughout the journey
Home visit* (if necessary) 

*If applicable **FDA testing prior to transfer not included **FDA testing must be within 90 days of transfer ***If embryos have not been tested for third-party reproduction cycle
Italics indicate a service not typically included in surrogacy agency fees

Surrogacy is now legal in Michigan. Start your surrogacy journey.