Gift of Life

Surrogacy Agency

At Gift of Life Surrogacy Agency, we believe that there is no single right path to parenthood.  Every path is an incredible journey.  Whether you are a heterosexual couple, same-sex couple, or a single intended parent, we can assist you to achieve your dream of becoming a parent. We are proud to say that Gift of Life Surrogacy is one of the very few surrogacy agencies in the country that fully screens its carriers prior to matching them with intended parents. Our staff includes a physician, infertility nurse, donor coordinator, experienced gestational carrier, attorney, social workers, and a support network to meet your every need. Gift of Life Surrogacy Agency recognizes the dedication and commitment of gestational carriers. Once you join our agency you are considered a part of our family.  Our support to our gestational carriers and intended parents transcends beyond matching.  Your well-being and safety is our priority.

Surrogacy is now legal in Michigan. Start your surrogacy journey.