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Making the decision to use a surrogate can feel exciting, overwhelming and nerve-inducing simultaneously. Whether you have been trying to conceive unsuccessfully on your own, are unable to carry your own child, or are choosing to explore surrogacy electively, there is no single right path to parenthood.

At Gift of Life Surrogacy Agency, we understand the delicate nuances that come with reaching parenthood, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

What is surrogacy?

With gestational surrogacy, intended parents can use the mother’s egg or a donor egg as well as the father’s sperm or donor sperm. With gestational surrogacy, the carrier has no biological tie to the embryo that is transferred to her during the in vitro fertilization cycle.

To learn more about the medical procedure for intended parents, select the option that best describes the combination of egg and sperm you’ll be using with a gestational carrier.

Understanding Cost & Fees


Fees Associated with Using a Carrier

Base compensation

$50,000-$70,000 (first-time carrier – experienced carrier)

Monthly expense allowance


Maternity clothing allowance


Multiple Birth


Loss of organs

covered by a organ loss policy rider

Lost wages per week (carrier)

Dependent on carrier’s work

Lost wages per week (spouse)

Dependent on spouse’s work


$0.65 per mile (flights dependent on locations)

Meal reimbursement

$20 per meal


$100 per week

Child Care

$20 per hour

Medical Fees*

Invasive procedure

$1,250 (i.e. D&C, Cerclage, amniocentesis, etc.)

Physician-recommended Cesarean section

*These are fees to be paid to the carrier for procedures should they be necessary.

Surrogacy is now legal in Michigan. Start your surrogacy journey.